Scenario Metrics

This section explores the impacts of the insight2050 scenarios. It describes the analysis of the scenarios for the complete range of fiscal, environmental, transportation, and other RapidFire output metrics.

The RapidFire model underwent significant calibration and customization to prepare it for scenario development and analysis in Central Ohio. The customized model was used to develop and model the full range of metrics for the four insight2050 scenarios described in this report.

Region-wide results are presented here; the 7-county region includes Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Licking, Madison, Pickaway, and Union counties. Input assumptions for the model and metrics are summarized in the Appendix. Note that “cumulative” results reflect sum totals over many years (e.g., 2010 to 2050), while “annual” results reflect values in a single year.

Community Insight

“It is an exciting time to live and work in this dynamic and growing region. When we started insight2050, we didn’t realize how much we would learn about the impact of land use decisions on the quality of life, economic development, and government finances. This now proves that land use has a connection to everything else. The report is helping us to unearth the challenges we will need to overcome at both political and legislative levels to continue our region’s success. Developers, local officials, and business leaders have a great opportunity to work together to shape the way we grow our communities.”

-Yaromir Steiner, insight2050 Chair and CEO/Founder, Steiner + Associates

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The methodology for calculating scenario metrics is outlined in the RapidFire Technical Summary, available at