Local Examples

The City of Newark is preparing for shifting demands and demographics by working to attract millennials to the community. To that end the City is working to make its downtown Courthouse Square a destination by incorporating pedestrian friendly street designs and necessities within walking distance to mixed-use developments.

City of Newark

The City of Columbus is planning for shifting demographics and demand by accommodating a range of development options in its downtown and urban neighborhoods. A market study for the City’s East Franklinton Plan forecasts a potential 2,000-plus market rate housing units; 50,000 square feet of retail; and 100,000 square feet of office, incubator and arts space over the next 10 years. Meanwhile in West Franklinton the City is focusing on stabilizing housing, attracting retail and creating jobs.

City of Columbus

Mixed-use projects like The Lane in Upper Arlington, The Heights in Worthington and Bridge Park as a part of the Bridge Street District in Dublin (shown at right) are responding to shifting demographics leading to greater market demand for walkable neighborhoods with access to offices, retail and restaurants.

City of Dublin – Bridge Street District