The Report

insight2050 is a collaborative initiative among public and private partners designed to help communities proactively plan for development and population growth over the next 30+ years that is expected to be dramatically different from the past.

The first phase of insight2050, released for public comment on November 5, 2014, is a regional analysis that provides data to enable decision makers to understand the impact of future land use policies on specific factors that influence the region’s quality of life. It is not a plan but a metrics-driven analysis of what may transpire if Mid-Ohio development is executed under four different scenarios.

Central Ohio is expected to grow by up to 1 million people by 2050. An unprecedented 81 percent of our region’s future household growth will be households without children. While this includes Millennials, this growth will be driven substantially by an increasing number of “empty nesters” (one and two person households) as the Baby Boomer generation reaches later stages of life in numbers greater than any previous generation.

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