A nationwide survey found an overwhelming majority (73%) favor changes to land use and local zoning regulations to encourage transit oriented development.

Over half of those surveyed report a willingness to pay more for housing that would put them in proximity to transit. These trends appear to be on the rise; 29% of respondents have a greater desire to live near transit today than they did five years ago. This number is even higher among young adults.

Public transportation offers many benefits to riders and non-riders alike. When commuters opt for transit, they reduce:

  • wear and tear on personal vehicles
  • traffic congestion
  • vehicle emissions that pollute the air and exacerbate chronic health conditions

Just last month, Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) announced it would add Wi-Fi service to its entire fleet by the end of 2017. COTA riders can now be more productive on their ride in addition to all the benefits transit provides.