On the Path to Bikes
From the Columbus Metropolitan Club (2016), local experts discuss creating and maintaining a safe and efficient built environment for bicycle users.

Speakers: Kerstin Carr, MORPC; Jennifer Gallagher, City of Columbus; and Catherine Girves, Yay Bikes

Rethinking Streets for Successful Communities
From the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (2011), this video helps explain why we need to rethink the way our streets are designed and used, keeping context and existing land use in mind.

Speakers: Leading voices from Central Ohio and across the country

Land Use

Housing Trends that Define US
From the Columbus Metropolitan Club (2016), what do recent housing trends and market preferences mean for public and private investment – and our communities?

Speakers: Jim Hilz, Building Industry Association of Central Ohio; Tim Hall, M/I Homes; Mark Wagenbrenner, Wagenbrenner Development; Jim Weiker, The Columbus Dispatch

Hidden Costs of Sprawl
From the Columbus Metropolitan Club (2014), panelists discuss the insight2050 Scenario Results Report.

Speakers: Keith Meyers, Ohio State University; Steve Schoeny, City of Columbus; Kyle Katz, Katz Development; Yaromir Steiner, Steiner + Associates

Megalopolis 2050: Building Tall
From the Columbus Metropolitan Club (2018), panelists discuss strategic planning for housing, transportation, workforce development and more.

Speakers: Daniel Ayars, NBBJ; Kerstin Carr, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission; Steve Schoeny, City of Columbus; Yaromir Steiner, Steiner + Associates

insight2050 Report

Peter Calthorpe’s November 2014 Keynote Releasing Results of the insight2050 Scenario Results Report

The complete presentation is provided here and is approximately one hour and twenty minutes including a post-keynote Q & A session. The clips below appear in chronological order from the presentation and may be viewed based on topic interest. View and Download the Complete Report.

Why Insight 2050?

Who Thinks About The Future?

Where Is Central Ohio Now?

The Defining Power of Land Use

The Fundamental Shift: Demographics and Their Impact

insight2050 Metrics: What The
Numbers Tell Us

Defining “Place Types”

The Scenarios: Options for the Future

The Quality of Life & Financial Impacts of Growth Choices

What It All Means for Central Ohio

Q&A: Can market demand drive development planning?

Q&A: Can a community thrive with a single-family growth focus?

Q&A: What happens after a study such as insight2050?

Q&A: How should the information be shared?

Q&A: Is the message different in rural vs. urban communities?

Q&A: When in future growth scenarios does Transit change?

Q&A: Should communities focus on desirable demographic targets?