In Central Ohio and across the country, our population of residents aged 65 and older is growing. Central Ohio is a wonderful place to raise a family and in the 1990s and 2000s, many Baby Boomers did just that. But by 2050, over 80% of our population growth will be made up of households without children, many of which represent the now empty-nester Baby Boomers.

Many Boomers will want to remain in their homes as long as possible; others will choose to downsize to make it easier to enjoy travel, to feel safer at home, or simply to experience something different. Communities do not want to lose these valuable members, often the most engaged residents. Conveniences that make staying in one’s home practical and alternatives to the larger single-family home are just two incentives that can offer older adults the flexibility to remain in their communities.

AARP is challenging both the public and private sectors to consider these incentives through a two-pronged approach. Focusing on policies and practical applications, communities can effectively address issues of home affordability and accessibility for all residents.