Each year, Smart Growth America makes a limited number of technical assistance workshops available to interested communities for zero cost. This competitive award gives communities a chance to understand the technical aspects of smart growth development through a one- or two-day workshop.


Communities can apply for one of 12 workshop types, including:

  • Implementing smart growth 101
  • Planning for economic and fiscal health
  • Sustainable land use code audit
  • Complete Streets
  • Using LEED-ND to accelerate the development of sustainable communities
  • Walkability workshop/audit
  • Regional planning for small communities
  • Smart growth zoning codes for small cities
  • Transportation performance measurement
  • “Cool planning”
  • Parking audits
  • Implementing transit-oriented development 101

MORPC is available to assist local Central Ohio governments with the application process. Please contact Jennifer Noll or Amelia Costanzo for more information.
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