MORPC studies major mobility corridors

Insight2050 Corridor Concepts, a study managed by MORPC, is gathering information from stakeholder groups along five major corridors in Columbus and neighboring communities to gauge future development and transportation needs and opportunities. MORPC kicked off the study on November 30 with its partners: the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA); Columbus District Council of the Urban [...]

Practitioners Complete Spring 2018 insight2050 Academy

The Spring 2018 insight2050 Academy sent 22 more practitioners out to guide the region’s growth armed with greater knowledge and understanding. Class members received their certificates March 23 after a four-session Academy jointly organized by MORPC and the Knowlton School of Architecture Alumni Society and held at OSU’s Longaberger Alumni House. It was the fourth [...]

Final Form-Based Code Workshop Comes to Columbus

Registration is open for FBC 301: Formulating, Adopting and Administering a Code, a form-based zoning code workshop. The workshop will be held on September 18 and 19 hosted by MORPC and conducted by the Form Based Codes Institute. It is the second form-based code workshop in Columbus this summer. The first, in late June, was [...]

August 29th, 2017|Workshops|

Form Based Code Workshop Comes to Columbus

June 28-29, 2017 | MORPC Scioto Conference Room FBC 201: Placemaking with Form-Based Codes   Register today for FBC 201: Placemaking with Form-Based Codes. The course provides an in-depth understanding of the regulatory framework to shape good urban form. Instructors use presentations, discussion, case studies and a hands-on participatory exercise to create the basic elements [...]

May 18th, 2017|Workshops|

As Central Ohio Grows, What is Our Region’s Purpose in Meeting Challenges?

This week, The Columbus Dispatch published a three-part series of reports on Central Ohio’s wage divide. The reports highlighted challenges faced by a growing number of residents in our region, including access to transportation, affordable housing, and steady, livable wages. With Central Ohio’s population poised to grow by up to one million people over the [...]

March 24th, 2017|Population Growth, Workshops|

Smart Growth America Announces Free Technical Assistance Workshops

If your community is interested in a “smart growth” approach to planning and development, consider applying for a free technical assistance workshop sponsored by Smart Growth America. Each year, Smart Growth America makes available a limited number of free workshops “designed for local elected officials and public sector employees, and can cover topics such as [...]

September 13th, 2016|Grant Opportunities, Workshops|

MORPC Staff Attend National Workshop Focused on Making Planning Tools More Accessible

Staff from MORPC’s Planning and Environment department recently traveled to Washington DC, to attend the Convening of Regional Agencies, a workshop focused on accelerating the accessibility of scenario planning tools. The workshop was hosted by the National Association of Regional Councils (NARC), PlaceMatters, and the Federal Highway Administration. MORPC was joined by regional planning commissions [...]

January 25th, 2016|Best Practices, Workshops|

Communities: Apply for Free Technical Assistance From Smart Growth America

Each year, Smart Growth America makes a limited number of technical assistance workshops available to interested communities for zero cost. This competitive award gives communities a chance to understand the technical aspects of smart growth development through a one- or two-day workshop. Communities can apply for one of 12 workshop types, including: Implementing smart [...]

September 30th, 2015|Grant Opportunities, Workshops|