Calthorpe Associates

Calthorpe Associates is an international leader in regional and scenario planning and modeling.The firm brings extensive, unparalleled experience in scenario planning, open source software development, and integrated modeling of the costs, benefits, and consequences of land use, transportation, and related policy decisions. Having led some of the largest and most complex regional efforts in the US, the firm’s work is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between planning and infrastructure decisions and the fiscal, environmental, public health, and livability challenges facing states, regions, and cities across the nation.

Major regional projects include those for post-hurricane Louisiana, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Austin, Twin Cities regions, Honolulu, the San Francisco Bay Area, and California’s Central Valley. Calthorpe Associates also led the Vision California project, which evaluated the energy, water, emissions, public health, and fiscal impacts of statewide land use and policy scenarios. The firm has been deeply involved in energy and carbon emissions policy and evaluation related to the implementation of California’s AB 32 and SB 375 regulations. Calthorpe Associates’ cutting-edge RapidFire and UrbanFootprint models offer unparalleled scenario development and modeling capability, as well as next generation cost efficiency and transparency. The firm has been engaged in numerous recent and ongoing deployments of the RapidFire programmatic model, and is currently customizing and refining the UrbanFootprint model on behalf of three major Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in California: the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG); the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG); and the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG).

Calthorpe Associates is also well versed in the development and design details that come together to form sustainable and livable places, and has led the urban design and implementation of countless infill, redevelopment, new growth, and transit projects across this country and abroad. The firm is a national leader in smart growth, a founding partner in the Congress for New Urbanism, and active across the world in designing and implementing the next generation of sustainable plans, policies, and development projects.